Advanced Scientific Research and Internship Program:
Leading the Way to the Real World

Developing avenues for curricular applications to real world experiences is crucial for 21st century learners. To that end, The Academy of Math, Science & Technology at Kennesaw Mountain High School developed two post-AP courses that propel students into the real scientific world. The courses (see descriptions below), are blocked back to back so that students can easily leave campus after lunch and travel to their internships. During the required 13-week internship period, students must log at least 9 hours per week at the site, and the rest of the time is spent developing their original research projects. The capstone for this experience is a juried presentation of their research at the end of the semester.

Scientific Research IV, blocked with Advanced Science Internship, provides highly motivated and qualified students the skills necessary for advanced science research. Students read professional scientific literature and translate this information into applicable research topics and projects. Advanced knowledge and skills acquired from AP Biology, or AP Chemistry, AP Environmental Science, or AP Physics are applied to topics explored in this course. Students participate in laboratory research either by developing and executing their own research project or by participating in an on-going research project with a science mentor. The target population is students who have completed magnet courses in Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and at least one AP Science course and have made a commitment to advanced collegiate studies in science.

Advanced Scientific Internship, blocked with Science Research IV, is a post AP course which allows advanced science students opportunities to understand the processes of science through the careful planning of research, data collection, analysis and interpretation of experimental results gained from working with professionals in their chosen area of interest. This course is equivalent to a college freshman course in both rigor and relevance.

Purpose of the Internship Program
  1. To provide Academy seniors with the opportunity to experience science, math, and technology research in the workplace.
  2. To provide these seniors with hands-on, real-world opportunities in their related areas of interest.
  3. To provide students the opportunity to apply theory, knowledge, and acquired skills through work experience utilizing equipment, instruments, techniques, and information not available at school.
  4. To provide students the opportunity to plan, implement, and document a senior project in a research environment working with professionals in their chosen fields.
  5. To provide mentoring partners with highly talented, motivated, and trustworthy students as interns.
  6. To provide a “win-win” situation for both students and interning partners.
Expectations and Responsibilities


  1. Will work with mentors to develop projects and contributions that are of value to the interning firms and to them.
  2. Will be highly motivated and focused on career and educational goals.
  3. Will exhibit a high degree of maturity, responsibility, and integrity.
  4. Will be trustworthy and responsible in handling proprietary and confidential information related to their internships.
  5. Will provide their own transportation to their off-campus internships.
  6. Will have successfully completed all necessary prerequisite coursework.
  7. Will exhibit a working proficiency in major technological skills deemed necessary to work in the internship setting.


  1. Will work with students to develop projects and contributions that are of value to both parties.
  2. Will provide meaningful experiences for the students so that they may experience the “real world” applications of their learning.
  3. Will enter into the partnership with a positive attitude and commit to the necessary time requirements.
  4. Will provide necessary guidance in a suitable work environment.
  5. Will work with the program’s internship coordinator in assessing the students’ progress.

School-Based Internship Coordinator:

  1. Will insure that students have met all prerequisites and requirements necessary for offsite internships.
  2. Will place non-qualified students in appropriate coursework.
  3. Will assist students in preparing for internship experience.
  4. Will assist mentors in developing internship parameters.
  5. Will work with mentors in assessing student progress.
  6. Will seek new mentors and maintain relations with existing ones.
  7. Will evaluate effectiveness of existing internships.

Magnet Program Coordinator:

  1. Will act as school liaison with Cobb County School District.
  2. Will evaluate effectiveness of existing internships.
  3. Will seek new mentoring firms and maintain relations with existing ones.
  4. Will work with Internship Coordinator to insure that all student requirements and qualifications have been met prior to assignment.
  1. Research/Internship will be blocked back to back (1st & 2nd or 3rd & 4th)
  2. Research/Internship will relate to concentration
  3. Research and Internship can alternate days (3 hours each)
  4. Internships will be unpaid during school hours
  5. Students must meet stringent academic and behavioral requirements
  6. Research/Internship will culminate with multi-media production

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