Teacher recommendations should be completed online at the portal by January 31, 2015. Private and home school students, please wait until first semester grades are posted and ask your school to send your 7th and 8th grade grades and standardized test scores by January 31, 2015 to only one of the coordinators, who will post the information for all coordinators to access.

Latest News

Congratulations to the following students for becoming eligible for the 800 Club for perfect subject scores on the SAT:

Shreya Bhaskare, Class of 2015, SAT Writing
Alicia Chan, Class of 2015, SAT Math 2
Trishla Chokshi, Class of 2015, SAT Math 2
Tingxiao Sun, Class of 2015, SAT Math 2
Andrew Henderson, Class of 2016, SAT Reading
Henry Woodrow, Class of 2016, SAT Math 2

Congratulations to Nicholas McDowell, KMHS Magnet junior, whose team won first place in the Atlanta Design Outreach and Kidz II program held at Georgia Tech in the Industrial Design/Engineering school. Nicholas worked with two students from Grady HS, a Georgia Tech student and an employee from Coca Cola who works in the design department. Given a wine bottle opener and a small Nerf gun, they were asked to create a new baby game to encourage crawling, eye tracking and movement.

Congratulations to the following students who were inducted in 2014 into the prestigious 800 Club for earning perfect scores on any section of the SAT or ACT.

Samuel Beloin SAT Math and Ecological Biology 2014
Shelby Bice ACT Reading and SAT Writing 2014
Elizabeth Cannon ACT Science 2014
Alicia Chan SAT Reading and ACT Reading 2014
Trishla Chokshi SAT Math 2014
Aditya Devarakonda SAT Math 2 and ACT Math 2014
Jefferson Hackney ACT Reading 2014
Trevor Head SAT Writing 2014
Joshua Henson ACT Science 2014
Mitchell Johns SAT Reading and Math 2014
Elizabeth Johnson SAT Reading and Writing 2014
Spencer McAllister SAT Writing 2014
Jamal Pace SAT Writing 2014
Brexton Pham ACT Science and Reading 2014
Brian Piejack ACT Science 2014
Brandon Ptak ACT English and Reading 2014
Andrew Ragan SAT Math 2014
Harrison Reddy ACT Science 2014
John Romano SAT Reading 2014
Pierre Rouaud SAT Math 2014
Jake Santa Cruz ACT English 2014
Adele Strother SAT Reading 2014
Tingxiao Sun SAT Math 2014
Nathanael Tait ACT Science 2014
Logan Vaupel SAT Reading 2014


Congratulations to Taylor Harris, Class of 2010, who graduated cum laude from Morehouse College with a BS in Biology!

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Congratulations to Brexton Pham, Class of 2014 for winning a prestigious Gates Millenium Scholarship, which selects 1,000 talented students each year to receive a good-through-graduation to use at any college or university. Having received multiple acceptances, Brexton has chosen Stanford University for his undergraduate studies.