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Officials of the National Merit Scholarship Corporation have announced the names of approximately 16,000 Semifinalists in the 61st annual National Merit Scholarship Program. Fifty-six Semifinalists were named from the Cobb County School District. The national pool of Semifinalists represents less than one percent of US high school seniors. These academically talented high school seniors have an opportunity to continue in the competition for some 7,400 National Merit Scholarships worth more than $32 million that will be offered next spring.

Congratulations to the National Merit Semifinalists who represent Kennesaw Mountain High School:

David Hammett

Trevor Head

Alexander Iyabor

Russell Puffer

Henry Woodrow

Samantha Zhan-Moodie


Congratulations to the following students for becoming eligible for the 800 Club for perfect subject scores on the SAT or ACT:

Name Test Grad. Year
Shreya Bhaskhare SAT Writing 2015
Shelby Bice SAT Writing, ACT Reading, Writing, Science 2015
Alex Blinkhorn SAT Reading 2016
Alicia Chan SAT Math 2, SAT Reading, ACT Reading 2015
Trishla Chokshi SAT Math, SAT Math 2 2015
Alexis Clark ACT Reading 2016
Kallista Dentice ACT Science 2016
Aditya Devarakonda SAT Math 2 and ACT Math 2015
Jefferson Hackney ACT Reading 2015
Eman Haddad SAT Math and Writing 2016
David Hammett SAT Writing 2016
Trevor Head SAT Reading, Math, Writing, Chemistry & Math 2
ACT Math & Science
Andrew Henderson SAT Reading 2016
Joshua Henson ACT Science 2016
Emily Hollingworth SAT Math 2 and ACT Reading 2015
Alex Iyabor SAT Reading, Writing & Math 2 2016
Elizabeth Johnson SAT Reading and Writing 2015
Allison Juback ACT Science 2016
Roshan Kudva SAT Math 2016
Omkar Mayur SAT Math 2 2016
Spencer McAllister SAT Writing 2016
Emma Parks ACT Reading 2015
Brian Piejack ACT Science 2015
Brandon Ptak ACT English and Reading 2015
Harrison Reddy ACT Science 2015
John Romano SAT Reading 2015
Jake Santa Cruz ACT English 2015
Andy Stevens SAT Math 2 2016
Adele Strother SAT Reading 2015
Tingxiao Sun SAT Math and Math 2, ACT Math 2015
Connor Truono ACT Science 2017
Logan Vaupel SAT Reading and Writing 2015
Kenny Wardlaw SAT Math 2 2016
Donavan White ACT Science 2015
Henry Woodrow SAT Reading, Math & Math 2; ACT Math & Science 2016
Chloe Yeates ACT Reading 2016
Samantha Zhan-Moodie ACT Reading 2016