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Message to all incoming freshman:

In an effort to strengthen the KMHS Magnet Program, input was solicited from magnet students in the spring of 2015. An overwhelming number of students had high praise for existing classes offered, academic opportunities, course rigor, and instructors. The one common theme expressed by our learners was the lack of opportunities to interact with non-magnet students during the school day. In an effort to respond to this finding, a solution was sought which could address this perceived weakness.

Beginning in the fall of 2015, magnet freshman will be scheduled for their homerooms alphabetically. This will provide magnet students an opportunity to interact with both teachers and students they otherwise might not have chances to meet and develop friendships with. Homeroom is scheduled for ten minutes each week. Please note that upperclassmen will not be affected with this enhancement, and magnet homerooms will remain for them throughout their tenure at Kennesaw Mountain. We will closely monitor this change to measure effectiveness. Thank you for your support as we move forward and look to implement programs which will increase academic rigor and keep our magnet program competitive with similar programs.

Mark Trachtenbroit, Ph.D.

Kelly Ingle
Magnet Program coordinator

Congratulations to the following students for becoming eligible for the 800 Club for perfect subject scores on the SAT or ACT:

Shreya Bhaskhare SAT Writing 2015
Shelby Bice SAT Writing, ACT Reading, Writing, Science 2015
Alex Blinkhorn SAT Reading 2015
Alicia Chan SAT Math 2, SAT Reading, ACT Reading 2015
Trishla Chokshi SAT Math, SAT Math 2 2015
Alexis Clark ACT Reading 2015
Aditya Devarakonda SAT Math 2 and ACT Math 2015
Jefferson Hackney ACT Reading 2015
Eman Haddad SAT Math and Writing 2015
David Hammett SAT Writing 2015
Trevor Head SAT Reading, Math & Writing, ACT Math & Science 2015
Andrew Henderson SAT Reading 2015
Joshua Henson ACT Science 2015
Emily Hollingworth SAT Math 2 and ACT Reading 2015
Alex Iyabor SAT Reading and Writing 2015
Elizabeth Johnson SAT Reading and Writing 2015
Allison Juback ACT Science 2015
Roshan Kudva SAT Math 2015
Omkar Mayur SAT Math 2 2015
Emma Parks ACT Reading 2015
Brian Piejack ACT Science 2015
Brandon Ptak ACT English and Reading 2015
Harrison Reddy ACT Science 2015
John Romano SAT Reading 2015
Jake Santa Cruz ACT English 2015
Adele Strother SAT Reading 2015
Tingxiao Sun SAT Math and Math 2, ACT Math 2015
Logan Vaupel SAT Reading and Writing 2015
Donavan White ACT Science 2015
Henry Woodrow SAT Reading, Math & Math 2; ACT Math & Science 2015